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Essential Minor Elements Fertilizer - 25 Lbs.


Essential Minor Elements 

For Shrubs, Trees, Lawns & Turf, and Flower & Vegetable Plants. Corrects and Prevents Minor Element Deficiencies (yellowing foliage).   Contains:
  • Magnesium 8%
  • Manganese 2%
  • Iron 5%
  • Sulfur 8%
  • Copper .25%
  • Zinc 0.5%
  • Boron .03%
  • Gardens:
    • Preventative: 1/4-1/2 cup per 10 sq. ft. or 1 1/4-2 1/2 lbs. (2.5 – 5 cups) per 100 sq. ft.
    • Curative: 1 cup per 10 sq. ft. or 5 lbs. (10 cups) per 100 sq. ft.
  • Turf: 1 lb. (2 cups) per 100 sq. ft. or 10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.
  Application: Apply dry and water in thoroughly.
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  • J
    Jan Reichert J. R. Jan R.

    Essential elements

    The essential minor elements I purchased from you sounds promising. hopefully. However, I am not able to find the proper setting for my Scott’s fertilizer spreader. I was told by your employee to set it to the lowest number. Lowest number is 2. At that setting the granulars won’t pass through the opening. If I set it to a higher number, I’m afraid I’ll burn my St Augustine grass. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you Jan Reichert E-mail: jan.Reichert0305@gmail.com.

  • R
    Richard Pahucki R. P. Richard P.

    Minor minerals

    I’m just

Brian Raymer

Is the 25 pound bag of Southern Ag Essential Minor Elements $39.95? A 5 pound bag is in the picture for the 25 pound bag description. And other online retailers are charging much more for the 25 pound bag and/or it is out of stock. It sounds like a very good price here if it is reality. Thank you.

   Answers (1)

Currently today (08/18/22) this product is listed at $39.95 for the 25lb bag size.

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