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Verdanta OFE Organic 3-0-0 Fertilizer - 2.5 Gallons

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Verdanta OFE Organic 3-0-0 Fertilizer

OFE is a chelated iron foliar spray derived from both organic and mineral sources and it contains urea to help move iron into plant leaf issue contributing to greening up leaves. OFE contains 3 percent seaweed extract which is an excellent foliar feed producing better greening and growth of all plants. OFE is a true foliar feed that supplies chelated iron from both DTPA and Iron Citrate and leaves no residue. Rapid and better iron absorption occurs, resulting in better greening, when applied to the leaves. OFE contains urea for better uptake of the iron and it is easily applied so there is lower risk of leaf injury. Usage: Mix selected rate in a minimum of 50 gallons of water per acre (1gal/1000sq.ft.) Between 1.25-4.25 pints/acre for preventative. Between 1.75-3 quarts/acre for curative. Guaranteed Analysis: Nitrogen - 3% Iron - 3%

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