Barley Seeds

Barley Seed


Barley Seeds (Hordeum vulgare L)

Ours barley seeds are raw untreated and Non-GMO.

Barley seed is a high-yielding, moderately early heading, short stature, six-row winter barley having high test weight and good winter hardiness. Average plant height is 33". Atlantic barley is resistant to powdery mildew and moderately resistant to leaf rust. Atlantic barley is a potential commodity for fuel ethanol, feed and food production, providing grain of superior end-use quality and marketability.

Plant Barley Seeds - 80 lbs. per acre or 1 lb. per 500 sq.ft.

Planting Depth - 3/4 inch

Plant - Spring or Fall

Reaches Maturity - 100 days.

Excellent seed to use for foddering.

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  • S
    Shelley V Cottrell S. V. C. Shelley V. C.

    Arrived quickly

    Arrived quicker than anticipated. I'm making fodder. Is sprouting nicely.

  • K
    Kristina Floyd K. F. Kristina F.

    Nice Quality

    Will buy again. Thank you for the quality and the quick shipping.

  • R
    Ryan Steel R. S. Ryan S.

    Barley Seed Atlantic 20lb/25$

    I ordered barley seed from this website on Nov 23, 2023. Well, the seed was not delivered for a long time, and the actual company who provided the seed is a Florida cattle farm named Seed Ranch. They were fantastic. The barley is fantastic. The Shop app was incorrect about carrier and pricing, but if you read the title I believe the price is in my favor. The product was delivered on Dec. 5, 2023 via FedEx trucks. The product was not placed as an order until Nov. 28, and that was a cause for concern. Upon further inspection, it is most likely true that Seed World was responsible for the missing shipping information and chose Florida as the source of the barley because the shipment probably originated across the Atlantic and was not the product I received. Therefore, I give this transaction 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Victor Campbell
    Victor Campbell V. C. Victor C.

    wide variety

    received wide variety for my 3 acre plot. will be planting some of the late season varieties now that we got some rain. looking forward to results like my spring plant of wild rice and barley which did amazing in my low-wet parts.

  • R
    Richard Galbreath R. G. Richard G.


    looks good

  • B

    Very pleased

    Fast delivery. Good thing because my window for planting was closing soon. Seeds are sprouting.

  • D
    Dylan Juhren D. J. Dylan J.


    Starting farming hoping for the best

  • s
    sanjai singhal S. S. sanjai s.


    Good quality

  • I
    Irina Tsvetkova I. T. Irina T.


    Seeds were delivered fast, seeds are healthy, growing fast) great service. Thank you!

  • B
    Brandon Smith B. S. Brandon S.


    Great shipping and excellent product.

  • C
    Connie C. C. C. Connie C.

    Barley has sprouted just fine!

    Barley has sprouted just fine!

  • T
    Teresa D. T. D. Teresa D.

    Good atand in poor soil,

    Good atand in poor soil, plants look very healthy. About a foot tall by now

  • N
    Nancy D. N. D. Nancy D.

    pick up

    sorry, couldn't find where I could email you, so I thought I would try this. is there a way I can pick this up to save shipping? I am in Monroe VA

  • J
    John Dames J. D. John D.

    Barley Seed


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