Bahia Grass Seed

Pensacola Bahia " Lawn" Grass Seed (Raw)

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Pensacola Bahia Grass Seed Raw 

These seeds are pure, raw and uncoated. 

Seed Lawns: Plant 5-10 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. 

Pastures: 25-50 lbs. per acre.

Florida grown seed is generally of higher quality than seeds produced in other states. This is because of lower "objectionable" weeds in Florida grown seeds.

Pensacola Bahia grass is grown and planted on more acres than any of the other varieties of Bahia. It has been established on several million acres of roads, lawns, pasture, forage and conservation lands in the Southern states of USA since it's discovery in 1935 by Ed Finlayson of the Escambia County Extension Service.

Pensacola has long, slim (narrow) leaves with an extensive root system that grows to depths of 7-10 feet. Pensacola also has more cold-tolerance than the other Bahia's, thus it can be grown further North toward and in the transition zone. Top growth is usually killed by "mild frost", but it recovers fast with warm weather. In colder areas the Pensacola variety produces more early and late season forage growth than the other Bahia.

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  • R
    Ronald Beck R. B. Ronald B.

    bahia seed

    Ordered raw and they sent coated, will make it work

  • G
    Gayle Sacco G. S. Gayle S.

    So disappointed

    This is the first time I have ordered from this company and I'm very disappointed in the quality of this seed. Thoroughly prepared the ground and have watered consistently with almost no germination. Bought a 25 lb box which was a complete waste. This is the same variety we order every year for our Central FL property and by far the worst seed we have ever purchased. Sorry, but I honestly feel we should be refunded.

  • T
    Tom Bendle T. B. Tom B.


    Fast delivery.

  • D
    Debby Hurtado D. H. Debby H.

    Pensacola Bahia order

    Just received my order a few days ago and can’t wait to lay down the seed! Very timely delivery and great service!

  • R
    RUDolf LICWINKO R. L. RUDolf L.

    Pensacola bahia

    I have not planted seeds yet waiting untill ground warms up a bit

  • K
    Kendra Dozier K. D. Kendra D.

    Just as ordered!

    Arrived quickly, exactly as described. Great value for the amount of seeds I got.

  • E
    Eric Johansen E. J. Eric J.


    Too soon to tell

  • R
    Rex Raulerson R. R. Rex R.

    Don't Know

    I will put it out with the spreader Friday. We are supposed to have rain Saturday. Then it's wait and see if it germinates.

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