Bahia Grass Seed

Pensacola Bahia Grass Seed (Coated) - 50 Lbs.

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Pensacola Bahia Grass Seed

Pensacola Bahia Grass Seed is used for lawn and pasture applications in the southern climates. Pensacola bahia grass seed is commonly used for lawns, pastures and roadside applications from North Carolina to California. Pensacola Bahia grass seed is excellent for sandy soils where many other grass varieties struggle. Pensacola Bahia grass seed is harvested, processed and distributed from Hancock Seed Company insuring the highest quality Pensacola Bahiagrass seed available.

Our Pensacola Bahia is coated with a clay-based fertilizer and germination enhancer for best results. 

Pensacola Bahia grass seed is commonly used for lawn and pasture applications across the Southern United States including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, North East Texas, and the South West California. For more information on how well Pensacola Bahiagrass grows in your exact location please call or contact us.

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  • S
    Steven Gowen S. G. Steven G.

    Great delivery of grass

    Good price, on time delivery

  • K
    Ken Williams K. W. Ken W.

    Thank you!!

    Seed couldn’t have come at a better time. Day after planting had the perfect rain! Thank you!!

  • J
    Jimmy Beardsley J. B. Jimmy B.

    I received them

    I haven’t used them yet

  • L
    Lisa Campbell L. C. Lisa C.

    Missing half of my order

    I was unable to leave a message by phone so I sent you an email. I received one large white bag with no paperwork inside of the box so I don’t know if it’s the fertilizer or the actual seed. Please call me right away at.919-746-3318 or email me at This is the second time I’ve ordered with you guys and the first time I got everything with paperwork and everything but this time I’m not sure what happened. I’m disappointed because I wanted to get this done over the weekend and now I’m not able to. Maybe FedEx lost one of the boxes I’m not sure!

  • E
    Edward Kingcade E. K. Edward K.

    Pensacola Bahia seed

    Shipping was very fast and the seed quality is good

  • r
    richard jordan R. J. richard j.

    Pensacola Bahia

    as far as customer service: Seed world is a pleasure to work with! The seed came in as expected on time! We spread the seed and are waiting on the results.. I can give a review on the performance of the seed in a month or so.

  • M
    Molly Brown M. B. Molly B.

    Coated Bahai

    Arrived in good shape. Got it planted. Fed great thru grain drill. Now we wait to see germination

  • E
    Eric Eppley E. E. Eric E.

    Great process

    Good quality and fair price

  • A
    Angela Davis A. D. Angela D.

    Grass Seed

    Best price anywhere!!

  • G
    Gregory DeGrammont G. D. Gregory D.

    Bahia seed order

    Oder came in quickly, and in good shape.

  • D
    Dennis Deggs D. D. Dennis D.

    Bahia seed

    Awesome company. Easy order. Fast delivery.

  • r
    rogers beckett R. B. rogers b.

    Planting Instructions

    I wish the seed came with planting instructions

  • T
    Ted Farace T. F. Ted F.

    Very happy

    Great pricing and selection. Fast shipping!

  • R
    Ricky Burnette R. B. Ricky B.


    Great seed

  • H

    Perfect execution

    Everything arrived as described. Could not have been easier or better. Thank you!

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