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Agri Mycin Streptomycin Fungicide 50 - 3lbs.


New Agri-Mycin 50 brings the power of streptomycin in a new, more concentrated formulation. Requiring 2/3 less material per acre means fewer packages to handle and measure, better tank mixing performance, and all the disease control you have come to expect from Agri-Mycin. Agri-Mycin has Iong been the industry standard bactericide because it provides effective, economical disease control for three to four days, and now it’s even more convenient to use. Agri-Mycin 50 is packed in 3 lb. bags designed to treat three to six acres per bag at the most commonly used rates in apples and pears. A protectant bactericide for combatting difficult diseases in fruit trees, vegetables, and tobacco. Controls soft rot, fire blight, bacterial blight, bacterial spot, and others.

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    Michael Coraggio M. C. Michael C. us

    Poor Customer Support

    I have generally had good experiences with SEED World. Not this time. It took a long time to get our products shipped despite receiving an email with a shipping confirmation. When I called several times to inquire, no one bothered answering the phones or calling us back. That is poor business in my book. The only reason there is a two star is the order was packed well.

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