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Planting Persist Orchard Grass Seed

Seeding Rate

Seed Persist at 18-20 lbs per acre for straight seeding.  If using with other grasses, rate should be reduced to 8-10 lbs.  For best weed control plant clovers after adequate establishment and weed management has been performed.  For more precise recommendations, consult your local extension agent.

Establishment and Vigor

Persist is easily established and has excellent seedling vigor.  Use of white clover or other legumes can also increase persistence and yield.


Persist orchard grass has a very wide adaptation and has successfully been grown as far north as Canada and as far south as northern Georgia, Memphis, TN, and Oklahoma City, OK, as well as the Western and Eastern United States.

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    Suzanne S. Suzanne

    The only Grass that Survived

    Summer of 2020 we had a massive hay drought here in Michigan, all the surrounding farms here had massive die-off during that time. We had one of our biggest crops ever! We have 50/50 tekepo persist orchard grass mix. I threw horse manure down in the spring and a bit of urea later in the summer, and that was it. Great stuff!

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