Captan Gold 80 WDG Fungicide - 6.25 Lbs.

Adama Essentials

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  • Broad-spectrum, non-systemic contact fungicide that acts immediately to penetrate fungal spores.
  • Acts primarily as a protectant that offers a different mode of action, which is ideal for resistance management.
  • Multi-site contact activity attacks fungal protein-containing thiols (-SH groups), interfering with several chemical processes, metabolism and cell division, and ultimately preventing spores from germinating.
  • Used effectively for more than 50 years without a documented case of resistance.
  • Premiere 80 WDG formulation has less dust and easy-open packaging for improved user experience.
  • 80 WDG pellets dissolve easily in water for optimal performance.

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  • R
    Richard Cassidy R. C. Richard C.

    Have received captan

    Captan Gold 80 WDG Fungicide - 6.25 Lbs.

  • B
    Bahram Khamissi B. K. Bahram K.

    Bag must have Ziplock

    Hello, The 6.25 lb bag must have a ziplock to save the rest of the fungicide. For me that I have 3 trees and your company doesn't offer smaller bag, I need to store it for years, so ziplock is really necessary. I've just tried captan product and it takes time to feedback you with good results. Thank you

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