Darrow's Blueberry

Darrow's blueberry (Vacciunium darrowii) is an attractive small blueberry (about 2 feet) that makes a beautiful ornamental shrub.  For best growth plant in full sun and in acidic soil.  New foliage will emerge with a pinkish color.  Attractive to wildlife, including native bees.



January 19, 2015


Start the Year Off Right - Plant a Tree!

How Dead Trees Benefit Wildlife

One of the management issues that any landowner will face at some point is what to do when a tree dies in the landscape.  The logical response is “cut it down,” but the Wildlife ask that you reconsider.

Start the Year Off Right - Plant a Tree!

Most of us begin a new year with resolutions–to exercise more, to eat right, to spend our time more productively–but few things have as many lasting impacts for the future as the simple act of planting a tree.

Chinese Privet

The Chinese privet, Ligustrum sinense, is a plant that is well known to many people as a great nuisance in the landscape. It is also a Florida noxious weed because of its invasive nature.

Farm Bill Update

Panhandle Ag Update 1/16/15



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Farm Bill Decision Deadlines for Row Crop Farmers
Every row crop farmer has some decisions to make regarding new programs outlined in the 2014 Farm Bill.  This article provides an overview of the final deadline dates for several key decisions dealing with base acreage, crop insurance, and ARC or PLC commodity coverage for the life of the new Farm Bill.


Choosing the Correct Liming Material
Based upon the recommendations of a soil pH report, this time of year is a good time to apply lime to your soil. Depending on the crop you are planting, recommended liming requirements are intended to adjust the soil pH. Once a liming requirement has been identified, you will need to select a liming material. Choosing the best liming material for your particular crop, however, can be daunting.


Pasture Soil Fertility Essential to Prevent Broomsedge Infestations
Broomsedge bluestem is quite conspicuous this time of year.  Most producers consider it a weedy grass, when it is found in improved pastures.  Efforts to prevent broomsedge bluestem are much more productive than efforts to control it.  The steps to achieving long term control of broomsedge are the same as preventing it; take care of your pastures.


Panhandle Ag e-News 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards
2014 was an even more successful year for Panhandle Ag e-News electronic newsletter project.  There were a total of 266 articles contributed by 36 County Agents and State Specialist authors in 2014. This article highlights the 40 most read articles written this past year.


Fall: Florida’s Best Gardening Season Seminar at Crestview Library

Fall should be our busiest gardening season in North Florida. It’s a more comfortable time to be outdoors. Many plants only do well when planted during the cooler weather of fall. Fall planted trees and shrubs have a higher survival rate as compared to those planted in spring. Many nurseries have a better selection of trees during the cooler months. And, nurseries and garden centers could use your business this time of year.

I will cover these topics during a presentation titled, “Fall: Florida’s Best Gardening Season” for the First Tuesday Series program on October 1 at the Crestview Library.The program begins at 10:30 a.m. with coffee and cookies served starting at 10 a.m. There is no cost to attend. The library is located at 1445 Commerce Drive (behind the Post Office). Call the library at 682-4432 or the Okaloosa County Extension Office at 689-5850 for more information.

Pest Control 2013

 As the season approaches you may be wondering what insects you will have do deal with and when will they be showing up. Using IPM to Monitor for Pests is a hands-on program being offered at John Deere Landscape in Santa Rosa Beach on March 28 from 4-6 p.m. Join us to learn the many techniques that can help you be prepared for the pest season 2013.

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed 2 Lbs. On Sale

Limited Time Sale On Zoysia Grass Seed.

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Heirloom Gardening

Before the industrialization of agriculture, a much wider variety of plant foods were grown for human consumption. In modern agriculture in the industrialized world, most food crops are now grown in large, monocultural plots. In order to maximize consistency, few varieties of each type of crop are grown. These varieties are often selected for their productivity, their ability to withstand mechanical picking and cross-country shipping, and their tolerance to drought, frost, or pesticides.

Heirloom gardening - is a reaction against this trend, heirloom plants are still widely grown, for example in the home gardens of knowledgeable citizens who care to preserve the natural traits of the plants they consume. As a result they are able to offer a healthier variety at the dinner table to their families.

The trend of growing heirloom plants in gardens has been growing in popularity in North America and Europe over the last decade.

Our spring 2013 supplies are rolling in; remember to sign up for our newsletter for the latest heirloom products varieties as they become available.