Tekapo Orchard Grass Seed

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Tekapo Premium Orchardgrass Seed

Tekapo can be grazed to near ground level due to its low crown and dense, prostrate growth habit. This feature, along with its high palatability, excellent digestibility, and good feed value, makes it ideal for hay and grazing pastures.

  • Persistent under heavy grazing
  • Winter hardy
  • Improved disease resistances


Grazing Management

Establishment under ideal growing conditions could be 6-7 weeks for a spring sowing and 10-12 weeks for a fall sowing. In a pure Tekapo stand, the first grazing should be brief and you should be sure to leave 4-6 inches of residual.

Seeding Rate
12 lbs./acre for 100% Tekapo pastures.

Seed with other grasses at the rate of 5-6 lbs./acre .

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    Tekapo Orchard Grass Seed

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