Seaside II Creeping Bentgrass Seed - 25 Lbs.

Tee 2 Green

Seaside 2 Creeping Bentgrass

25 Lbs. - Plants approximately 16,000 sq. ft.Features

  • Bred for salt and drought tolerance
  • Low fertility requirements
  • Tolerates salt levels up to 15,000 ppm

Seaside II Creeping Bentgrass Seed can be irrigated with water sources containing salt content as high as 15,000 ppm and a pH of 7.5 - 8.5, and it also demonstrates resistance to dollar spot. Seaside II Creeping Bent grass has a medium-fine blade and produces a dense stand of grass, for high-quality playing surfaces on greens, tees, and fairways. Its aggressive growth characteristic allows Seaside II bent grass variety to compete well with invading species like Poa annua. Seaside II is often chosen for coastal golf courses, where sea spray is a problem for other varieties of bentgrass. 

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  • Wesley oakes W. O. Wesley o.


    Shows a 5 gal bucket with 25lbs of seed and you order it and it comes in as a 1lbs baby bag of seed somewhere in the email it says 25lbs...................x1lbs way down after so you don't see it but then it says 1lbs x 25 so still you'd think it's 25 lbs just a rip off scheme to get rich off each and every single customer ....fuckin crooks

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