Replenish 5-4-5 Standard Grade - 50 Lb

Replenish 5-4-5 is an all-purpose Formulated Natural Organic fertilizer that can be used for any turf or ornamental application without fear of burn or salt build up. The Replenish products do much more than feed the plant, they feed the soil. As shown by the Carbon Pyramid, the rich carbohydrates provide a quick burst of energy to beneficial bacteria, the humic acid complex provides a sustainable food source for long term biological activity, and the minerals replenish the soil with the nutrients that are taken away during the season and need to be replaced to keep the soil healthy. Soil re-mineralization is an important focus of this product line. It is the minerals that truly make the Replenish products different. The EarthWorks Formulated Organics replenish these needed minerals and provide both the soil and the plant what it needs to stay healthy.

Category: Fertilizer, minerals

Type: Fertilizer

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