Rackmaster Trophy Radish Plus - 5 Lbs.

Rackmaster® Trophy Radishes™ Plus

Rackmaster® Trophy Radishes™ Plus is the newest combination of forage brassicas and early Crimson Clover on the market. Trophy Radishes™ Plus is great planted alone or it makes an ideal companion species when planted with Oats or other small grains. This fast growing combination produces huge yields early in the hunting season making this food plot active early in the season and irresistible during mid season. The high protein and lush, tender leaves produced by the Radish and Clover make it highly attractive and a high quality food source for deer during early bow season. Once the radish and clover die the plants return rich organic matter and nitrogen back into the soil. The Crimson clover is a naturally good reseeder so lots of seed will mature and fall for a volunteer stand next season.

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