Root and Stump Killer

Root Killer - Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate (Professional Grade) - 2 Lbs.


Root Killer for Septic and Sewage Pipe Tree Root Control

  • Professional Grade Root Killer for unclogging tree and shrub roots from septic pipes quickly.
  • When roots invade sewer pipes and clog septic system drain fields, SeedRanch fast acting root killing formulas are needed.
  • Septic Root Killer clears roots from leach fields, improving drainage and flow.
  • This can prevent standing water and soggy conditions from developing over a leach field.

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    Denise Buffkin D. B. Denise B. flag

    Tree root killer

    Fast delivery, nephew suggested getting this product to detour anymore problems with septic tank and roots

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Category: Root Killer

Type: Copper Sulfate

Brand: SeedRanch

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