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Dynamite Organic Plant Food Fertilizer 10-2-8 - 1.25 Lbs.

Dynamite Organic Fertilizer Plant Food 

An OMRI Certified Organic Plant Food with balance rates of NPK + micro produce more fruits and vegetables, larger blooms and greener foliage organically.

- Provides 3 months of continuous feeding grow.

- Contains Essential Micro-nutrients and Calcium for Optimal Grow.

- Bigger, Healthier, Better Developed Plants with Just a Shake!

One application assures 3 months of continuous feeding. Make the most of your garden with Dynamite™, a timed-release, earth-friendly fertilizer from our friends at Jackson & Perkins®. It contains the macro-nutrients NPK (14-5-10), as you would expect, plus micro-nutrients to optimize your plants' growth potential. Dynamite™ comes in a 1.25 -pound shaker bottle and features a special coating for the granules that is far more effective than traditional coatings.

This fertilizer is TRULY time-released, so you won't over- or underfeed. A single bottle feeds 15 plants from spring until frost and can be used during the entire life of the plant. There is simply no better way to assure your fine plants of a long, healthy, absolutely beautiful life!

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