Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate Crystals

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Copper Sulfate Crystals 99.8

  • A versatile farm chemical:
  • Pest control - snails and slugs
  • Pond cleaner - algae, mosquito larvae
  • Natural fungicide mildew
  • Antiseptic - household germs
  • Organic Bordeaux mix - blight, apple scab, leaf curl, etc.);
  • Remove old tree stumps (bore a hole and insert
  • Kill roots clogging septic tank pipes - flush down the toilet.
  • Wood and canvas preservative (prevents dry rot),

...or simply grow lovely blue crystals.

 Usage: For pipeline systems (toilets, etc.) - 1 cup down drains every 2 weeks or 2 cups per month. 

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Based on 10 reviews Average Product Rating 4.8 stars
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  • S
    Sheri Naus S. N. Sheri N. us

    Copper sulfate

    Prices are good for copper sulfate, ordering was easy, shipping was prompt, and the sulfate was delivered within a few days.

  • W
    Willie Thomas W. T. Willie T. us

    Root killer

    Yes this product works great thank you for your help will be ordering again...

  • D
    Don Bunker D. B. Don B. us

    Good price, good shipping.

    Everything worked fone

  • W
    William Gerrells W. G. William G. us

    Copper sulfate for pond.

    Pleased with your service and the product ordered. Very good service.

  • L
    Linda C Reed L. C. R. Linda C. R. us

    Pond Algae

    Every year we get mat algae that starts in February. I have found that this product, which I apply at low levels, knocks back the algae before it gets started. This particular size is excellent for distribution where I need it to go. I walk the bank of the pond and put it in the areas algae is growing. I applied the product and within 24-48 hours I saw a notable difference. As the temperature warms I may need to hit spots, but the initial application was exactly what I expected. We really don't see excessive algae other than around the perimeter, but I may treat areas in the interior pond if we have an outbreak. I'll order it again. Very quick shipping too.

  • R
    Russell J. R. J. Russell J.

    Super store

    Product received quickly.

  • K
    Kristine Williams K. W. Kristine W. us


    Can always count Seed World for great service. Thanks

  • c
    carolyn sommer C. S. carolyn s. nl

    Fast delivery

    Product was as ordered, promptly sent, received in good condition

  • J
    Joseph Cirello J. C. Joseph C. us

    Copper sulfate

    Didn’t get a chance to check it out yet

  • M
    Michael Chhay M. C. Michael C. us

    Switch shipping method

    I selected priority mail but you sent the package via first class mail.

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