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Chufa Seed

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Chufa Seed (Cyperus esculentus)

Our chufa seeds are all natural untreated and Non-GMO.

Chufa are great for Turkey, Deer and other wildlife. Plant 50 lbs. - per acre

Chufas are a bunch grass with a peanut like an underground nut - used for food plots of deer, turkey, hogs and wild hogs. This legume is very similar to peanuts, if you have ever seen hogs rooting peanuts, they go after chufa the same way. Plant in spring through summer. Wildlife digs up the chufas once they mature.

Chufas are a perennial sedge that is one of the most popular foods for wild turkeys. Chufa plants have underground tubers, which are part of the plant that turkeys eat. One chufas tuber will produce a plant that can grow to 15-75 tubers when mature. Turkeys find the tubers by scratching them from just under the surface of the ground. The tubers are high in protein and fat, which makes them especially nutritious for wild turkeys. Chufa can also make an excellent food source for other wildlife including deer and ducks.

Chufa plants grow well in the southern half of the US from Northern California across to Southern Iowa and even Southern Pennsylvania. Chufa plants grow in a variety of soil, but perform best on well-drained, sandy or loamy soils. Clay soils can support chufa. When growing in clay soils, lightly turn the soil in the fall to expose the tubers. This practice can be done periodically to extend the food supply into winter and early spring. Simply plow several strips twice a month until the entire field has been plowed. Generally, chufa will grow anywhere that corn can be successfully grown. 

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  • D
    Daniel Cooper D. C. Daniel C.


    Seed looked good. Just now planted so don't know how good it is.

  • M
    Matt Queen M. Q. Matt Q.

    Chufa Seed

    Thanks for sending it quick.

  • T
    Tracy Johnston T. J. Tracy J.

    The seeds arrived on time

    I have not yet planted them, so all I can say is that they arrived on time. I do wonder if they are fit for eating -- I would like to taste some before I plant the rest. Have they been sprayed, making eating not a recommended thing?

  • C
    Charlie Crockarell C. C. Charlie C.


    Everything looks great upon arrival. Haven’t opened bag at this time. Will order again if chufa works at our food plots?

  • T
    Thomas Robertson T. R. Thomas R.

    Chufa delivered

    I hope I plant each seed so that all grow.

  • W
    William Grand W. G. William G.


    Chufa Seed

  • T
    Trent McCaa T. M. Trent M.


    I haven’t received it yet

  • J
    John Daly J. D. John D.

    Great service

    Planted their seed last year and turned out very well. The wild turkey’s tear it up!

  • V
    Van Whitesell V. W. Van W.

    Good job

    All good!

  • T
    Todd Fazio T. F. Todd F.


    Seed looks great, was delivered a week later than was I was told

  • L
    Larry D Stephens L. D. S. Larry D. S.

    Great service

    Order arrived early in good condition. Great price too

  • s
    steve VROOMAN S. V. steve V.

    Everything great

    Chufa Seed

  • W
    William Lund W. L. William L.

    Chufa seed

    Chufa Seed

  • I
    Ignatius Bonfiglio I. B. Ignatius B.


    Just as ordered!

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